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New video out!

Summer is here and so is the new single Drive With Eyes Shut out with a video!

Written and performed by The Plastic Explosives
Recorded and mixed by Aki Rintamäki

Video produced by The Plastic Explosives
Filmed by Nanna Ketola
Aerial shots by Mika Ranta
Additional filming by Matias Harju and Roope Ryöppy
Lighting and editing by Matias Harju

The album Fuse Is Burning will be released later this summer on vinyl and in electronic formats.

Fresh & Acoustic

Did you know that it’s good to unplug electronics during a thunderstorm? It’s been a hot summer here in Finland and now the storms are developing. The Plastic Explosives have been unplugging their electronic instruments a couple of times this year and will do the maneuver now and then in the future. Why? ‘Cause it’s fun and sounds good! Come and check it out!

Up Again!

Due to unidentified cattle-related difficulties was down for a while. Well what the heck, it was down for a friggin’ four weeks! But now we’re back again, and by the way – the new EPOverdrive is about to be packed and stacked! Stay tuned!